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By CNTributor Peter Harmon

Check out this webseries The State Of Us


Newscasters Alex and Robert have the chance to get their dream guest Bob Odenkirk on their show.  All they have to do is a simple task to prove they’re funny, but it turns into a greater challenge they they realize.  The comedy adventure begins as the guys find themselves on a quest that takes them far out of the newsroom and into a zany world they had never imagined.

Watch a teaser HERE.

And Episode one HERE.

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Reggie Watts on 7 Minutes in Heaven

Hey Everyone!

Above Average is proud to premiere a new episode of 7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike OBrien. Today, Mike’s guest in the closet is musician/comedian/all around cool guy, Reggie Watts (IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang!). 
We really think you’ll enjoy it! Thanks for checking it out and we hope you’ll come back for more!
Above Average

We are Satyr, a comedy publication at UCLA that has once in the past made a video that didn’t get very far in life. We just started up the magazine this school year, in 2012, and it would be great if we could get more publicity. Check out our tumblr for exclusive material straight from our issues!


What is Bünotech™?  - A send up of hi-tech commercials


When you’re a hitman & things don’t go your way, it might get a little awkward…



With the proliferation of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Funny or Die, it’s hard to gauge as someone who makes funny short films, sketches, web series, etc. whether it’s better to distribute your content online or try taking it to the festival circuit first. Several festivals immediately disqualify it if it’s already posted online making that a tough decision, but that is starting to change as this list as the link above shows.

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6 seconds is just long enough for someone to lose their fucking mind.


"The Human Centipede 3" by Comediocracy

100% medically impossible

Starring: Comediocracy 

Cinematography: Alan Torres
Sound Mixer: Chris Knauer

Long Note Two
ISRC: USUAN1100420
© 2008 Kevin MacLeod
Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.


New Series Premiere with SNL’s Taran Killam

Hello Everyone!

Today, Above Average has a new series premiering that we are all very excited about! It is called “Magic Eye Shark Movie” and is about two young Hollywood wannabe screenwriters selling a movie! 
It stars Morgan Evans (Best Week Ever), Griffin Newman (Nikki And Sara Live, Mulaney pilot) and Taran Killam (Saturday Night Live)! We really think you’ll enjoy it!
Thanks for checking it out!
Above Average

Yo yo yo, I haven’t been super attentive to the blog lately, I’M SORRY, OK?  Jeez Louise.

BUT, thanks to you I have over 100 submissions!  That’s crazy and awesome!

I’ll be queueing up vids and they’ll be posting weekdays at 10am.  So keep on a look out for your video.  Be sure to RT on twitter, like and reblog on here, and check us out on Facebook (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Thanks friends!